Dalal Bull

Dalal Bull is an online virtual stock market event incorporating real time stocks and virtual money. Play according to the trends of the Indian market and aim at maximizing your profit. It is considered as a great platform to comprehend the working and intricacies of today’s financial market. This is the event to bring out your managerial skills and check how strong you are at your investment fundamentals. Whether it is to practice making money or just to develop an understanding of how the stock market works, if you have an inclination towards the stock market, start playing! But be forewarned - this is highly addictive.

Total Prize Money:Rs 6000

Winners :

First : Deepak M D - CET
Second : Kiran Salim -CET
Third :Vishnu V K Nair -MEC

Virtual money will be given to all players for this online stock exchange game. Here you may buy, sell, short sell and short cover the shares of 50 companies with live data feeds from the NSE. When the game starts a tutorial will present the players with all information necessary to play the game. The quantity of the shares that you may involve in a transaction is limited only by the virtual money that you have in hand.

A 'Help' page will be available for the participants when they login, for them to refer to if needed.


  1. This contest is open only for the students of recognised educational institutions. Professionals are not allowed to participate.
  2. Contestants who register with fake information or junk data will be disqualified.
  3. Same person cannot have multiple registrations. In such cases, either the contestant will be disqualified or all registrations other than the original one will be deleted. The excel 2010 team will have the right to decide on the course of action.
  4. Any bugs or anomalies found in DALAL BULL should be immediately reported to one of the coordinators. Contestants found to make use of any such bugs knowingly for their own gains, without reporting to the coordinators, will be disqualified.
  5. The winner should bring his/her college ID cards while claiming prizes. Prizes will be given only after verification of the information given by the contestant at the time of registration.
  6. If there is any tie, the prize money will be split appropriately. The excel 2010 Team holds the right to take decision on this regard if the situation arises.
  7. The excel 2010 Team will have the right to disqualify any contestant at any point of time.
  8. Members of the excel 2010 Core Team and those who are closely associated with the core team are not allowed to contest in DALAL BULL.
  9. Rules are subject to any change by the excel 2010 Team.
Praveen Philip Sunny +91-9995-572-511 praveen.philip.sunny@gmail.com
Deepak Paul +91-9809-236-943 deepakpaul.mec@gmail.com
Subin Zachariah George +91-9447-729-074 subinzgeorge@gmail.com