Hack Master

Overcome the unknown. Make your presence known as THE H4X0R...!!!

Are you crazy about hacking? Then this is the right place for you. This is an online event where there will be different levels of problem-solving with different difficulty levels. Only if you find flaws can they be corrected. In this new age where security is of more importance than anything else, this event aims at recognizing the hacker within you. This online event deals with problems related to website hacking, password recovery, cryptography and steganography. Distinguish yourself from the destructive wannabe hackers (or crackers) who taint the name of hacking. Create something from nothing.

So put those canny brains into action and have fun hacking!

Total Prize money :Rs 8,000
Hackmaster is closed now. Result has been published.

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This is an online event. There will be different levels of problem with different difficulty levels.

The problems will be mainly related to :

  1. Website hacking.
  2. Password recovery.
  3. cryptography and steganography related problems.
  1. This is an online event.
  2. This is an individual event.
  3. Multiple accounts from a participant will not be allowed.
  4. Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified.
  5. The decision & judgement of the coordinators will be final.
  6. Different levels will carry different weightage of points according to difficulty.
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