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Trivia is your cup of tea? pride yourself on your googling skills? Here's a chance to prove them!

The Excel Online Quiz conducted by The Illuminati of MEC, sets a new standard for Online Quizzes all around. So come, try your skills for the Excel Online Quiz, and prove yourselves from the luxury of your own home.

The Excel Online Quiz has Started!!!

Question Set 1

Question Set 2

Mail your answers to,


Sreevas.S of The College of Engineering,Trivandrum

The Excel Online Quiz consists of 3 Question Sets.
The Answers to these questions are to be mailed to:,

The person to answer the maximum number of questions wins The Excel Online Quiz

  1. Multiple entries are not allowed.
  2. The contest is open to everyone in India.
  3. In the event of a tie, the person who sends the answers first shall be declared the winner.
  4. All the questions are open and can be answered until the day of the quiz.
  5. If you cant make it to Kerala to collect your prizes, we intend to send it to you all the way.
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